Donnie & Eva

I drove my parents to the airport yesterday {which means after a year and a month walking everywhere i have a car!} and Chris accompanied me so we could party in Salt Lake for the night.  We started out at Brigham Young's grave, moved on to some historical house hunting, ended up at the capitol, searched for Chris's favorite bookstore {which is now closing, boo},  and followed a recommendation to Eva's for dinner.  We made friends with the gay couple next to us and proceeded to talk about honeybooboochiiillld for a good ten minutes.  It was amazing.  Truly, I can't even begin to express how much fun dinner was. Oh and we got to see our long lost friend Stewart who moved to the city for the semester!  Miss him.  Anyway this little trip was such a needed getaway.  And it doesn't hurt that Chris willingly modeled for me.  He's my dog.  It's fine.
 p.s. all you provo girls, chris is single and ready to mingle woooot woot.
p.s.s. i bet you've already seen this, but if you haven't, you will die.