"And My Professor Hardly Even Flirted With Me Today"

After a pretty rough couple of days, I finally woke up {at a time I'm not too proud of, but nevertheless...} so refreshed.  Feeling infinitely better  I decided to hike the Y {I forgot I never posted about hiking it like 2 weeks ago with friends and stuff...  woops.}  Anyway, it was too cold so I chickened out after the 3rd switch back choosing to enjoy a chicken pesto panini from Kneaders and the sunset instead.  And a bite of a brownie that was disgusting.  But it looked really cool!  And so did the Utah valley.  Life is pretty amazing if you take the time to appreciate it.
The end.

Points for whoever can guess what time I woke up at.  And it should be noted that I actually woke up earlier, but laid in bed for far too long.  Okay, so points for who can guess what time I jumped off of my bunk bed.  Yes, I jump.  Every morning.  Which isn't very smart considering I am drowsy and I could ruin my tendon surgery.  But I do it a special way.  Okay??  Okay.  This is getting out of hand.

The end.  Again.

Actually, not the end.  Because Kylie, Hunter and I are waiting for our cinnamon-sugar-pull-apart-bread and then we are going to the jacuzzi!  And then we are going to continue to listen to disney pandora!  And then we are going to make Kylie feel better about her no good dirty rotten very bad day!  And then I will finish my paper!  I will finish my paper.  I will finish my paper.  Life is great!

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