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week three part three
Brooke came in from Rexburg from the weekend!  We had a summer reunion {even though i play with mak & erika like every other day} and celebrated with yogurtland, charades, roll up crepes for breakfast {a way too early breakfast}, five guys, nickel city, & abduction.  i should include that we played an intense game of laser tag, coming out of it with a broken ankle, a hurt back, and literally bowing down to our opponents.  best.  game.  ever.  it should also be noted that lindsay and i went on an interesting double date the night before, but that's a story for another time.  i'm on a picture streak, remember?
{no explanation for this really, teenage gorilla!}
 ohhh man.  such a funny night.  i know i'm only posting pictures, but maybe this image in your mind will do something for you:  try charade-ing "loch ness monster".
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