White Tiger

Well hello there!  It's been a while hasn't it?  Things have been pretty busy around hurr...

Finals came.  And finals went.  Holla-freaking-lujah.  The four proceeding days of finals week were probably the most efficient four days of my life.  In that time I studied my brains out, packed up all of my stuff for the big move in with Lindsay for the winter, and studied my brains out some more.  I even fit in a final goodbye gathering with my Tingey girls at the Creamery on Ninth {how appropriate, ahhh the memories}.  Not to mention the other final goodbyes after the final library study session for finals with the Tingey girls...  By no means did I want to leave them, but I did want to leave the stress of school and that I did!  I chose to finish my finals in the first three days of the week.  Best.  Decision.  Ever.  While I didn't do as good as I thought and hoped and felt I would, I must say that this is the best round of finals I've ever had.  However, measured by the information gained, retained, and appreciated rather than percentage scored {just ask me about any piece of artwork or architecture you can think of and I will be able to write you a separate essay for each and every one, just ask me}.  After my drawing final Wednesday night my parents {who have been in Utah for an extended time due to my brothers knee injuries} came and whisked me away to the airport.  The plane was boarded, the pilot episode of The Office was watched, and in no time I was on Arizonan soil!

Once we finished the Christmas decorations, and when I say we I mean my mom as I waltzed around "giving the tree some depth" whatever that means...  Anyway after that my family got together to celebrate my niece Brielle's first birthday!  I seriously can't believe it.  Just last year she was a newborn baby.  Well obviously, but you know what I mean.  After playing with her new presents we headed to Tia Rosas {yessssss} for a celebratory dinner.
 {kissin' cousins!}

Saturday morning was Daddy Daughter time.  We watched the BYU basketball game while I twitter stalked Matt Carlino and told Papi how he sat on my couch, gave me googly eyes {I swear he really did, didn't he Erin?  DIDN'T HE?!} and how he will be the father of my children someday.
{decked out in my thuggin' volleyball sweats #gotoros}
Then papi & I set up the Christmas lights...
And that is only the beginning of my time since being home...
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