A Series of Fortunate Events

After I blogged what I thought was a series of unfortunate events, right then a series of very fortunate events followed.  The funny thing is though, that these fortunate events would actually be very unfortunate events had I not had those extremely minor unfortunate events.  I was obviously being prepared for the weekend to come.  Confused yet?  Maybe I should stop explaining and just get on with it.

1. Right after I pushed "publish" on that blog post, my momma called and said that she and pappa would be right down to pick me up after all!  Yay!

2.  I took my test, and didn't do my best, BUT then I remembered that out of the 5 tests in that class {not including the midterm and final} the lowest grade is dropped!  Hallelujah!

3.  I got to Park City, eager to help out by babysitting my niece and facilitating the care of my broken kneed brother.  That night at around 4 in the morning {okay so morning} I was abruptly woken up to hear my sister in law Moranda on the phone with 911.  My brother was on a combination of some heavy pain pills, got up, the blood rushed to fast, had an anxiety attack, couldn't feel himself breath: a combination of things that sent him into uncontrollable convulsions.  Okay, so that is definitely not a good thing but it gets better.  While listening to Moranda describe the convulsions on the phone, my body went out of control.  That intense description put me in shock.  I was shaking, experiencing the most extreme vertigo ever  {I get migraines, so it wasn't the first time} and was literally on the floor because I couldn't handle it.  BUTTTT then I finally got control of myself and was able to manage to not pass out while they wheeled him away to the ER.  Mom and I were then able to stay up with Violet despite little sleep which is so fortunate.  Ultimately they were able to stabilize Clark and change his regimen before anything serious could take place.  Blessed!

4.  That night I was helping my Momma cook dinner.  Tasked to open all of the cans for the chili, I began on a can of beans.  Both ends of the lid somehow remained attached, so I began to pull it and BOOM sliced my ring finger.  A few expletives were uttered and my dad whisked me to the ER for stitches in a matter of 5 minutes, a record time for him.  Okay, so this isn't very fortunate either, BUT it gets better.  The entire ER visit was comical really.  I was expecting to just get it washed out and stitched up within the half hour.  Nope, I was there for four hours.  I had to get my Tetanus shot.  I had to get X-Rays.  I had to get it numbed.  I had to get it cleaned out.  Said vigorous cleaning out also cleaned out all of the anesthesia.  I felt every single stitch.  BUTTTT I was totally fine.  Even though I can't handle when other people get hurt {once I blacked out in seminary after hearing my teacher talk about donating blood...} I have a {and I'm not bragging here} very high pain tolerance.  I've had many an injury growing up: stitches in crazy places {you don't want to know}, broken appendages, head traumas, 10 sprained ankles, shin splints, too many ear infections, and of course my blasted migraines.  So even though I can't handle others, I can darn skippity handle myself.  Fantastic!

5.  Because of my "bad day" on Friday, I got the negativity out of my system and kept high spirits during the real traumas of the day.  More shiz went {and continues to go} down that is vey personal and not for the blog {what? she doesn't spill everything? it totally seems like she does? oh the humanity!}, but again I was able to forget about my "problems" and work through the arising situations that came.  Success!

6.  My lost iPod & student ID were found and returned to the ski resort!  Miracle!

7.  It stopped snowing just in time for Momma to drive me down the canyon in time for class tomorrow without scary-icy-windy-roads!  Hurrah!

8.  News flash, it's not about you.  I mean it's not about me!  It is about you...  Okay now this is confusing.  Essentially, let's not be selfish!  I definitely need to work at it, and this weekend was a complete learning experience for me.  I only hope that I can help out with everything that is still going on while finishing my finals the best that I can.  Stronger than yesterday!

P.S.  I'm totally typing with a stitched up finger right now.  Boo ya!
P.P.S.  2011, what a year, am I right?
P.P.P.S.  The dinner Saturday night was delicious, and there was no finger in it thank goodness.
P.P.P.P.S.  I tell ya, be grateful that you have functioning un-shattered and surgery ridden knees.  My poor poor Clark.  It really is so devastating.  I would post a picture, but that would be too heartbreaking.
P.P.P.P.P.S. Be so very grateful for your families.
P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S.  Want to see me after the ER in a very haggard state?  Apparently Mommas iPhone believes in reduced hairlines and triangle noses...
You're welcome.