The Saturday night before my friend Jordan left on his mission he asked me on a group date to the Phoenix Zoo lights!  It was seriously so much fun.  The girls got work done to get to the front of the line, the sexy sax man was there {a fake, but still}, and the lights themselves were top notch.
{Jordan, me, M'Kayla, Kyle, Alyssa, Max}
Afterward we came back for an intense gingerbread house competition!  We made Hagrid's hut, naturally.  And we won, naturally.  Just kidding, Alyssa & Max's temple barn totally won.  I think Jordan was genuinely upset that with every contribution to the hut I made it got uglier and uglier.  So ugly in fact, that until I finally decided that the deatheaters came, killed Hagrid, and a Tom Riddle horcrux made me write "enemies to the heir beware" on the walls with blood red icing.
{the temple barn, no one knows, & Hagrid's hut}
It was so fun to be able to come home and pick up where I left off with people.  I haven't really hung out with M'Kayla since junior high and Alyssa since prom and loved every minute of the night.  Yay for Christmasey stuff with friends!
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