2012 Ow Ow! {it's not what you think}

i've just rang in my new year with some sweet home alabama and saltine crackers to keep my nausea at bay.  and while i might continue to have not too hot of a start of the year, what with moving back to utah with a bum arm, i'm excited for things to come.

...a couple of minutes later...

the fireworks just made me jump out of my brains so i ran up the stairs to the balcony to see about fifteen shows around me, and one very close one from cooley park across the street.  i'll admit i began to tear up.  it really has been a hard year, hasn't it?  but such a great year too. and i'm so excited for this new one to begin.

while i was up there my brother in law steve came out thinking i was my sister breck...  good thing i stopped him as he walked up.  now THAT would've been an awkward start.  especially because breck and i had just finished a conversation about all of the boys we've kissed...

speaking of steve, i've never known a man who likes gossip girl and chocolate with such a passion as he.  breck is constantly updating me when she catches him watching gg during his study breaks, conversations occasionally revolve around chuck, and christmas eve i walked in on him mid haircut with my sister in law-hairdresser chantel, a picture of nate {season 4} in his hand for hairspiration.  and we won't even start with his sees candy obsession.  just thought i'd write up a little tribute that breck will hopefully pass along as an apology for the earlier incident.

and speaking of awkward, i also rang in the new year by falling through a chair.  now i wasn't going to share this due to my pretty bruised ego {and bum}, but for some reason i just started dying laughing at the thought of it.  Yes, even despite knowing how much i will regret pushing "publish".  so again, on the balcony watching fireworks, pre-tearing-up-moment, post-steve-walking-up-quietly-thinking-i-was-his-wife-moment.  we have this old old old pool chair that has been on that balcony in the triple digit arizona blistering summers for approximately six years, and fifteen years before then poolside at my old house.  essentially, it was fried through and through {is what i keep telling myself}.  i was standing on the ledge of the balcony, pulled/kicked the chair around with my foot, and instead of stepping down and then sitting in the chair like a rational person would, i fell back, arms spread... just kidding.  i fell back and then kept falling until i fell right through.  and those plastic straps that had previously held up girls of all weights and ages, had broken off clean from the frame.  what a sick, "set your new years fitness resolution natalie" joke!  am i right?  am i right?

man alive.

and with that, 2012!