So I Was Like, "Shore"

This was the weekend of the visitors!  Yes, that's visitors with an 's'.  It all started with James visiting, and then my BFF Erin and her Idaho friends Addy & Becca came down to sleepover for the weekend.  Friday was Makayla's birthday, so my friends from summer semester Erika and Kendall flew up to celebrate.  AND THEN, the best visit of all, my dad showed up and surprised me on Saturday!  Honorable mentions go to the 3 boys of BYU basketball who came over to my place and church leader M. Russell Ballard who spoke at my stake conference.  I guess when it rains it pours!

Highlights include:
. singing Yung Humma in the back of a truck with James on our way to Dominoes
. free Sprite at Dominoes
. seeing half of my high school at my old housing complex #gotoros
. standing in the back of the boys dorm {at my other old housing complex} even though it was past curfew because it was freezing cold. we "welcome home"d all the boys until someone showed up without pants on... that was awkward.
. james making us waffles in the morning
. my dad's surprise visit!  i was so happy i burst into tears.  so embarrassing.  what can i say, i'm a daddy's girl.
. Dad taking us out to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen
shopping at F21 after searching for the "new" H&M in vain, turns out it was in Salt Lake
. an intense round of the game Signs with Becca's twin brother Isaac
Bridesmaids and laughing our heads off, don't worry, we clean-fixed it by skipping the sex scenes and such
. summer friends surprising me and coming over!
. BYU basketball boys coming over as well, along with a round of "deep conversation"
. falling asleep to White Chicks
. M Russell Ballard speaking at my Stake Conference, he kept us all laughing
. mini birthday party for Makayla back at Julie's place complete with Texas Sheet Cake
. and finally, I'M MOVING INTO LINDSAY'S APARTMENT IN THE WINTER!  sing praises of joy!

Now I miss everyone so much.  Come back?  Please?
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