Pizza Party

Remember David?  Well David is leaving for a mission in Tokyo, Japan on wednesday!  He will be spreading the gospel there for the next two years on a mission for the Latter-day Saint Church.  I'm sure if you reside in Blog Land, you've probably been redirected to the Mormon homepage with every "i believe" tab you've clicked on.  But if you really want to learn what the beginning stage of latter day saint missions are all about, here's a little glimpse {there are 7 segments, so well done}.  Anyway, the "Tingey Gurlz" weren't able to attend his farewell on Sunday, so we decided to throw him a going away dinner at Brick Oven Pizza to make up for it.

P.S. David's sister in law just so happens to be Katherine of Kitsune-Kun!  Cool, huh?
P.S.S. my little point & shoot goes crazy anytime there is ANY artificial light around, so all these photo edits are an attempt to mask said craziness, not because i think i'm all cool n' stuff.
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