Wheres Your Head At

waking up the first time by my alarm a la Robin Thicke's Dreamworld on my phone?
{today took me fifteen rings, yes, fifteen.}
reading 64 pages of my much too heavy art history textbook before lecture?
buying decent groceries to eat?
caring too much about trying to dress my awkward and bit pudgy body?


my time will be hereby spent reading from the likes of Anna Faris, Fred Armisen, and of course style prodigy and blog creator Tavi Gevinson via Rookie Mag.   {thank you kaylie.}  oh, and Ellie too, my new favorite read from hellogiggles.  such is the life of a blog-tumbl-stalker. 

carry on ambitious college students. carry on.

{on a completely unrelated yet somehow related side note: i love parks and rec, but moreso aziz ansari.  come back soon p&r!  excuse the f bombs.}