1.  Chantel sent thank you notes to her wedding guests a while back, including me.  Said thank you notes featured my mosaics as the artwork.  SO incredibly honored.  And hey, free advertising!

2.  Have you watched this yet?  Do it now.  She is my hero.  My inspiration.  I'm not kidding.

3.  My drawing class is pretty cool, minus the fact that I need some serious help.

 4.  En route to BYU-I, Erin slept over!  Of course, a Miranda tribute was made.

5.  I could talk about the weight I've gained and how my thinking has shifted toxic again, but I won't.

6.  I watched What A Girl Wants tonight.  Takes me back to third grade.

7.  A couple weeks ago Lindsay and I pranked our fri-ends with the babies in honor of the PLL finale.
{we thought we were pretty clever.}

8.  Guess who's teaching Gospel Doctrine on Sunday?  Yupp.

9.  My communications class is amazing.  Finally somebody understands me!

10.  It needs to rain soon.  I miss it.
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