Whatta Week

So let me tell ya'll a little story.  It begins with our tortured teenage girl hero person lady thing, Miss Natalie {me}, on Tuesday night.  Laying in that barely comfortable enough to make it uncomfortable dorm room bed.  Tirelessly moving her legs from flamingo to pencil position over and over again while thinking about schooling over the past week.  Missing class.  Failing Physical Science tests...  Sleeping all day and not putting her best shoe forward.  And wearing them without socks mind you, not a good combination.  Finally she looked toward the future as she so often does.  The end of the week looked to be hell.  With a physical science midterm and book of mormon midterm to take, stained glass project to finalize, visiting teaching to do, relief society lesson to teach, ward prayer to organize and buy treats for, on top of mandatory social events including the Harry Potter Premiere, a blasted blind date i was asked on, most likely out of pity, to our housing dance {much like the one put on for Heritage Halls last semester}, and a home cooked Sunday dinner.   The dinner wasn't so much as a chore as it was just another thing on the list to do.  All in three or so short days.  Guys.  I was so incredibly stressed at that moment.  Reading back on this list now seems like nothing.  Nothing hard at least.  Buuuttt being the dramatic {at times} soul that I am I texted my mom, and I quote "I am dropping my classes.  School hates me and I hate it."  Droppin' it like it's hot.  So over it I was!  So finally after muffled curses at the world, as not to wake my dearest Lindsay, I turned around on that bed and said the longest prayer ever to have been uttered from mankind's lips, probably.  The next morning I woke up an hour before my class.  Then I got all my work done, and on it went, finishing task after task until the week was through!  I did it I did it!  Well I didn't do it alone of course.  What appeared to be one of the most dreaded weeks of the semester turned out to be one of the most absolutely fun and incredibly rewarding weeks of the semester!  Funny how life works out, isn't it?

So it began with Harry Potter.
 Over all I was completely overwhelmed.  In love.  I feel like everyone has given their two-cents about their Harry Potter experience, and rightly so, but I will just leave mine with overwhelmed.  In the best of ways of course.

On Friday after taking that wretched Physical Science exam, and slightly improving hallelujah, Linds and I decided to dine at Kneaders.  Home of the best cupcake on earth.  I am dead serious.  People, it is dipped in white chocolate.  Heaven in a mini cake of strawberry goodness!  Now on our walk over to kneaders, we passed some people filming what looked to be a music video.  We smiled, laughed, and it wasn't soon after that thecameraman whose name I still don't know and the star of the show, Phaya himself, invited us over to be in it.  Uhhh what?  Yep, we danced in front of four talented girls for three minutes in broad daylight.  Most.  Awkward.  Thing.  Of.  My.  Life.  White girls we are.  We soon made friends with Phaya, exchanged numbers, and went on our way.  That night, he text us and invited us to be in the other shoots for the video at the bowling alley.  So back we went!  And it seriously was so fun.  We met so many people, I got to stare at the cameraman that much longer, and I learned some ghetto girl dance moves.  That I wish I could perfect...  Blast this white blood in me.
{Linds and I with our new friend Barima [from Ghana!], Phaya [from the Caribbean!] and others.}
After the video shoot we changed from dancing for five + hours and joined our friends up at Squaw Peak.  So beautiful.  Guitar playin', laughing, all that good stuff.
Now time for the dance.  Exceeded all of my expectations!  Made new friends and loved every minute of it, even if the boys didn't pick us up...  I met my date Morgen {who Lauren taught how to surf? wth?}, we ate at Red Robin, shared some lol's, danced the night away, learned about Brad's moves and faces, Scott & Morgan's bromance/LOTR obsession, and even recreated Harry Potter's Puppet Palls while we were at it.
On Sunday Lindsay & I rocked the relief society lesson and looked good doing it.  I got an 82% on my Book of Mormon midterm.  Finally finished my stained glass pattern.  Got treats in time for Ward Prayer.   And got all the other little things done.  Success!!!  Other events include a ferrett, tunnel singing, and lots of rain!  Shout out to mi momma who wouldn't let me drop my classes.
 And Lindsay for helping me wake up every morning.
Now if only the anticipation of easily viewed black mail wasn't to surface youtube within the week...  Oh please oh please mr. film man, spare me from awkward dancing shots!