Summer in December

Wednesday looked like this:
Lindsay breaking the screen,
getting our cupcake fix,
 and finally befriending our new friends... {hey it works}.  Due to such friendships made, we decided to venture down to Salt Lake to see the Decemberists in the Twilight Concert Series the next day.  This marks the beginning of a caraazzyyy packed weekend!  COMMENCE.
Hennas were had, grass was sat on, music was played, moshpits were expected.  But unexpected was Micah pulling me behind him to protect me.  Go pappa bear!  Loved every minute of it.  OHHH!  And Lindsay MET BENTLEY!  Yupp.  Yesss she did.  Aweiaufhlusdkajfa.  I secretly love him...  After grabbing food we headed out to the midnight premiere of Captain America for Brent's birthday.
Man life is treating me so well as of late.  So much so that I don't even care about the picture overload!  Hey, I need this stuff to rely on when my roller coaster dips down again, ya dig?
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