My Baby Girl Midnight

Upon a trip to J-Dawgs before family home evening last night we found a little friend...  Midnight/Special Sauce/J-Dawg/Sirius/Foxy joined our little family for a day!  Poor girl was lost and just strolled up on campus, so the boys picked her up, used my purse strap as a leash, and BAM she was ours.  We fed little midnight our hot dog buns and polish dog bits {oohh the irony} and once returned at the boys dorm, one gentleman took the words right outta my mouth: "I LOVE DOGS!  I JUST LOVE THEM!"  Hey mom, remember when you sold my puppy Chrissy without telling me?  Yeah, one day, I will have a dog again.  And a kitty.  And possibly a fish.  But first a dog.  Sniffle, I miss my baby girl Midnight already!
Nataliehappy, summer