Friday night = 7 Peaks water park & Malt Shoppe.  I love doing handstands underwater.  I don't like holding my breath.  Oh I like slides too.  And eight packs.  And high school dance parties.  And strawberries.  And freezing to death.  But mostly I just like all this fun I've been having.
 NOW.  iPod Star.  Only the best game ever to hit that stupid mans brain that came to thunk up it's ridiculousness.  I was horrid.  Pity me...  So we were cold from the water park, naturally.  Showered.  Met back at the hot rock.  What is the hot rock you ask?  Only a gift from the gods outside our very dorm.  An unexplainable slab of concrete hotter than hell.  Almost.  But I digress, iPod Star: up walks Brent with headphones,  iPhones came out, and then the embarrassment.  One lucky crooner gets to blast the music so loud he or she does not hear themselves.  Then proceeds to sing to their hearts content.  Hilarity ensues.  Observe the effects/affects {I don't care to figure out which}:
 Saturday = Bowling & Fast Five.  Sunday = Pioneer dresses for Pioneer Day.  Ohhh Utah...
pictured: Makayla, Erika, Lindsay, Brooke, Victoria, Brent, Jacob, Micah, Morgen, Alex, Jenna.