Party in the USA

{I'm sorry if this last week has been picture overload, but nonetheless, here are some more!}
After the balloon fair with Shayn, a group of us ventured up to Park City to celebrate the Fourth.  We began with an Alpine Slide run, hit up Bandits for lunch, and walked up and down Main Street obsessing in all of it's glory.  Half of the group parted ways with the other as they took the drive back down to Provo.  But fortunate for us, we took naps while watching a Cake Boss marathon back at the condo.  When I woke up from my slumber it seemed as though some movie making was going on between Rachel, Lindsay, and Maeser...  Indeed.  A Cake Boss parody featuring Maeser as the cake guru was in the works.  Yes, yes we are in college and made such a video!  Despite my incompetence of acting in any capacity, it is hilarious.  Oh so hilarious.  Once we wrapped up the video we hit up Davanza's for some pizza before fireworks.  The pizza = true American spirit.  Finally we grabbed the recliner lawn chairs, some jackets and blankets to combat the rain, and hiked up next to Park City Ski Resort.  The second our chairs touched the ground in the most perfect spot known to mankind, the FIREWORKS began!  By the end of the night they filled up the entire sky.  Sparks really did touch the surrounding hills and buildings!  It literally was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  Rachel played her harmonica, we continued to say "oh my goodness oh my goodness" over and over again, and all was well in America.  After tonight it is official-- I love Independence Day more than ever before.  God bless America!
 Will, Celeste, me, Lindsay, Maeser
 {this is patriotism}