Now as much as I would love to recount everything that happened in Europe, there is no freaking way!  I wrote down everything while there so I feel okay about only pictures and a bit of commentary.  Hip hip hooray!  Oooh too many memories looking back at these photos!  EUROPE POSTS: COMMENCE.
 {plane necessities: ipod, nylon music edition, sudoku in the bag.  ready for the twelve hour ride!}
 {Residenz ~ Wurzburg, Germany}
 {Rothenburg, Germany}
{Dinkelsburg, Germany}
 {Dachau Concentration Camp ~ Dachau, Germany.  The gate says "Work will set you free"}
{Olympic Tower ~ Munich, Germany}
So.  Amazing.  Despite being up for 50ish hours straight, powering through the day with a stop at Residenz and all afternoon in Rothenburg made it all worthwhile.  That tiny and picturesque town had me taking pictures of every door and window I came across!  Dinkelsbuhl was very much like Rothenburg, minus the tourists.  Brooklyn and I explored on our own and only wish we had more time as we ran back to the bus.  The next morning we headed over to Dachau.  Such an amazing experience.  Everyone commented on the incredible peace there.  Weird.  And very moving.  Our tour guide Leeana decided to lift our spirits afterward by surprising us with a trip to the Olympic Tower in Munich.
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