{8th birthday? in Utah, surrounded by cousins, sister, aunt & uncle}
Eighteen years old.  When did this happen?  Last time I checked I was just in my backyard at the old house, fighting with Lauren or swimming for hours on end.  Jumping on the tramp and coloring all day long.  Playing in the street and trying to stay up past my bedtime.  I guess eight became eighteen without me even realizing it.  Never would I have thought I would be at college, one semester under my belt with plenty more to come.  With three nieces and five new best friends.  Knowing what I do now, about the world, about my family, myself, and the way life works in general.  Hopefully too, a little more mature.  I'm happy with what I've done thus far in my life, even if it wasn't what I expected.  In fact, I think I am so happy because it isn't what I expected.  One year older and wiser too!  Cheers to that!  Instead of buying dry ice, voting, streaking, or any of the typical "eighteeners", Lindsay and I decided to cross one thing off our to do list: disco skating!  So on Saturday after Grandpa's viewing, funeral, and luncheon, I broke away from my lovely family :( and headed down to Provo for the festivities.
Once we did get to the Classic Skating Center, I seriously questioned choosing skating as my celebratory activity of choice.  It is one of the hardest and most awkward things I have ever done.  Contrary to rollerblading, classic skating tests your balance in ways I would have never imagined!  Let me put it a bit clearer, I have bruises on my hands and butt people.  What better way to humble yourself, especially on your eighteenth, than crawling off the rink?  At least we got out and invited some people to join in the painful fun with us, even if it did take a while for them to show up.
{Please note Kimee on the floor in hysterics...}
{ Dontcha love how I had to have hightop skates due to my small feet?  Awesome.  Oh I love red eye too...}
{BYU BASKETBALL.  No, I am not kidding!}
Next thing on our to do list? Prank Rach and Sky, with "these".