Are You Sick of Baby Pictures Yet?

This weekend was fullll of family.  Oh how I love them!
We kicked it off with my cousin Landon's wedding in Salt Lake, as previously mentioned.
The next morning we took a trip to Sandy for my cousin Brynlee's bridal shower.  All of the babies were in cousin heaven playing with each other all weekend.
and they kept trying to eat the camera...
We even enjoyed some time by the pool in Park City between the shower and viewing for Grandpa.
That night momma made her amazing raspberry desert for my birthday and I was gifted some Flower Bomb perfume, a feather from Chantel's etsy, and a Swarovski bracelet to commemorate my trip to the factory in Austria!  It's beauuutiffuull and I've been wearing it nonstop.  Gotta love birthdays.

The next day, my actual birthday, we headed down to Layton for my grandpa's funeral.  A memorable service to say the least.
And now, for your personal enjoyment...
McKenley & Dad.
I love my family.