As We Go Onnnn

I got out of bed long enough to graduate this past weekend.  First came Seminary graduation, or in my case Seminary certification.  I leave for a semester and don't get to graduate?!  Outrage!  Ahh welllll.  After graduation with the stake, our ward had a little ice cream social thingymajig.  This isn't all of us, but some!
The next day came around, and I officially graduated from high school!  Pomp and circumstance my friends.  Too bad I was feeling sick to my stomach, though i believe it was spurred by a sickness in my head.  I mentally could not push out of my mind how bad I looked.  And I wanted to cry.  And then I had a bad attitude, took little to no pictures on the field after the ceremony, booked it to my car, and sat in an empty parking lot and cried my eyes out.  Oh what fun!  And then instead of participating in all of the graduation parties and sunrise watchings I went to bed.  At eleven.  If only things could've been different...  Eh, I do it to myself. 

These are the announcements I sent out, this one to my new roommate Lindsay!
 Brielle greeted me with a kiss
 ohh, just caressing my rose
 the parentals
 the babe finally graduated!
 happiest baby known to mankind
bike ridin' Blake
 My dear Tanner!!! {and Sydnee and Tait in the background}
 Erin caught me on my way out, thank goodness
Even though I wasn't too physiqued to come back and walk, I really am glad that I did.  Despite being an emotional mess.  I blasted Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People on the last drive over to Mountain View.  One of my high school crushes walked in my line {cough, Parker, cough}.  I finally became friends with Melanie who I blogstalk all the time.  I passed the time sharing funny comments throughout the ceremony with Ashley.  The speakers gave great talks, and all was well!  I even got to wear the NHS stole and the gold honor tassle for a high gpa.  {Oh yeah, and when I graduated in December, I was top 8% of my class!  Just throwin' that out there}.  Oh the perks of being smart again...  Get to college and it's ripped out from under ya!  Gotta love it.

And that my dears, was graduation.  Again.