The semester is wrapping up, and the rest of this week has definitely been evident of that :(.

On Wednesday night Bailey, Chris, David, Rachel and I had a sleepover to celebrate the ending of classes!  Wooo.  One of the movies we watched was The Brothers Bloom, top five {again{.  Now to the important stuff: I had the best sleep I've ever had.  In my entire life.  David's house is full of beds with tempurpedic mattresses.  So despite the fact that we went to bed at 5ish, I was laying on the best mattress on the world under like three comforters and was out in three minutes.  It was amazing.  And right now I'm tempted to steal one.

The next night I answered my prom date James back by making a stop motion video!
I only wish the pictures weren't so yellow...  {and pretend you didn't see the second still that wasn't fullscreen, oh and just stop it after the stop motion actually ends, because it's crappy...}

Then yesterday my pappa took me to Lehi to store some stuff at my grandparents.  They are hilarious and I love them.  Afterward we finished off our outing at Japanese Tepanyaki!  It was probably one of the only real meals I've had since being at college.  Delicious.  And now here I am, left studying for my finals.  Awesome.
Yay college!  Oh, and the sakura are blooming!  So beautiful.
And one last thing, guess how long church was today?  just guess.  FIVE HOURS.  five.  I guess that's what happens when you're in a student ward for the last time before the semester ends when everyone wants to bear their testimonies...

I wish I never had to leave :(...