Best Movie Royalty.
Minus Sandy's bangs.  Don't entirely hate them, just don't love them.  However, your dress is heaven.  Angie?!  I swoon.  That is all that needs to be said.  SWOON.
Best Usually I wouldn't like this, but you guys make it look dang good!
Material of Meggie's dress = amazing.  So sultry.  Annie, girl, I love the boatneck and sleeves.   Not to mention the lighter hair.  Just look at you!  Keep it uppp.
Best Mod.
Meeechelle.  I so wish Blue Valentine wasn't so sexual, because I, along with the rest of the world, are rightly in love with you.  In love.  Stay strong girl.  I dig your lips.  ScarJo?  This fits you fantastically.  Way to make Ryan weep in regret!  Love the neutrals ladies.
Best Pretty in Pink.  
NATTTIE!  WAY TO REPRESENT!!!  Congrats a thousand times over on your win, as well as your darling rose and baby to be.  Not to mention your jewelry and makeup are perfection.  Lea darling.  You are just a vision.  Can you teach me how to style my hair?  Structure of this dress is rad.  Just sayin'.
Livi dear, you are a princess.  You totally pulled it off.  Way to be different.  Leighton!  My love still remains.  You are gorgeoussss.  Dress is amazing.  Uh-maze-ing!  See that slit?  Totally balances the killer long sleeves.  Teach me?
Best One Shoulder.
Chrissy!  Only you could grow a rose on your shoulder and look that good.  Julia.  Hun.  I miss you!!!  Where have you been all of my life?  Make another movie pwease.  Because you rock that carpet.  I wish the bodice was better proportioned though.
Best in Back to Black. 
Jenni, yes you, I'm stealing your dress for prom.  Consider yourself warned, because I adore the high front.  Giuliannaaaa, I sincerely hope you get pregnant!  You will be one classy mommie.   All my best.
Best Shining in Chiffon.
Jules!  I wish you chose a different color, however,  you rock it.  So modern.  DIIIIIIIII.  I die.  I die for Di.  I die for her hair.  I die for her nails.  I die for her lips.  I die for her dress.  Rachel Zoe dies.  We all die.  Love love.

I can honestly say that this is the BEST red carpet outcome for any event in the longest time.  I salute you ladies!  You're golden.  'Nuff said.

Back to studying?  I guess so...
{Guess what?!  I ran today!  Granted it was for 20 minutes, but I did it!  I could barely breathe, but I kept on keepin' on!  Curse you altitude...  Oh, Kevin?  I'm sorry I didn't call you.  Thursday.  We conquer the altitude together}
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