Earth Below Us Drifting Falling

man, I LOVE COLLEGE! ay!  FOOO RRIILLL THO. College & I are best friends.  I am so in my element here, it's ridiculous.  I actually get ready everyday, I'm on task {so far}, I love my bed and my panda pet "Paxton", my girlmates are the absolute best things that have happened to me, I'm loving the snow and cold weather, I'm eating healthy, my face is clearing up, and my interior design class is the best ending to my Mondays and Wednesdays.  Only downside is I have no idea how to exercise...  It's snowing outside and the smithfield house is always packed.  So that still needs figuring out.

Other highlights?
~Malt Shop with Tanner, Wes, and new people
~Watching Despicable Me over and over again
~Quoting every movie and and youtube video ever made
~Roomie singing sessions in the kitchen
~Cuddling while watching Flipped with the roomies {cutest young love story ever, please read/watch!}
~Riley telling me I could be a Pretty Little Liar {omgoodness best compliment ever, considering my style obsession with Aria}
~My fake pink peonies in pretty vases as new additions to my room
~Getting a new Bishop my first Sunday
~The possibility of Dean coming up?

Now for the first picture of everyone togetha:
First Sunday!  Bailey, Haley, Rachel, Riley, Natalie, Shayn.

I now leave you with this gem.  Please watch, you won't be disappointed.
Told ya.  Happy 1/11/11.
NataliePLL, winter