Last Moments

This morning da girls and I had a besties/going away photoshoot with my super talented friend Kenzie.  I couldn't have become friends with these girls at a better time then when I did.  They all mean so much to me and I'm gonna miss 'em terribly.  Thank goodness for Skype dates!  Can't wait to see the pictures.  Except I literally just woke up, and weigh a million pounds.  Oh well, that's what New Years resolutions are for!

The fam has been hanging around these parts as of late:
Letti-Bear! {little paws and ears}
Uncle Steve & Aunt Breck with Vi
Clark & Violet
  Doug & Chantel met her for the first time
Violet was Moranda's Christmas gift!

Ellie is as sweet as can be
She is so tiny and fits just perfectly in my arms
 Playing with Lettie is sooo much fun
 <3 momma
 Little cousin picture fest
And they were missing their third musketeer Kiersten in Breck's tummy!

Got some colejh advice tonight as well-- thanks fam.
Resolutions start tomorrow!
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