It's a New Year!

 Sparklers with Erin's family {and Tyler}, bonfire at Tyler's {todd was there and awkward to me, oh need to fill ya in-- so he wanted to see tron last week, and i couldn't so he took a different girl and now they're together? still love him though, no biggie}
 The pig roast party, yes, that is hayles with a real pig head.  They meant serious business.
This is joey.  And that's me in the red blanket waving behind him!
As the clock struck 12, we lit more sparklers and fireworks.  It was so pretty!  The coolest sight to see.  Imagine the ginormous orange fire glowing and all these crazy lights sparking off with people dancing up and down in a circle around the fire.

May the highs of 2010 be the lows of 2011!

Happy New Year!
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