All Grown Up

Hello.  This is the big girl here!  Natalie Grace Freshman College Girl.  Yes, don't worry, it actually did happen and I didn't hide under my bed and hold onto the bottom of the frame {reverse Matilda style} when the car was loaded up and ready to leave.  The drive went by extremely fast. Just pops and me.  I got sick which was no bueno, but the scenery was beautiful so 'twas a plus when trying to keep myself oriented to prevent any further sickness.
Upon pit-stopping in Sedona so dad could check on his shopping center {where btw he is lending a movie theater for the Smashing Pumpkins to rehearse in, top secret, omgoodness!, and I saw all their equipment ahhh}, I "loled" at the top wi-fi name.
<3 the grand can.

Upon arriving we drove straight to BYU.  This is when I started freaking out.  "I can't do this!!! icantdothisicantdothisicantdothisicantdothis." Over and over again.  But what a welcome I received!  The moment we arrived at my dorm, Tingey woot woot, all my girlmates were standing there and so excited!  And boys even helped me unload all my things.  It is sooo relieving that these girls are better than I imagined!  We hung around in my room and I was introduced to people, Rachel even made me a welcome sign.  The whole nine yards.  We had roomie prayer and a mini scripture for the day.  One was to become perfect as Christ, synonymous for complete, and they said with me here they were now complete.  Oh. my. goodness.  I just about died.  Basically I could not have lucked out more.  Brief description of the girls shall we?  Bailey: she's my actual roommate, tiny, so pretty, hilarious, quotes every movie on the planet, so fun, and easy to talk to which is exactly what I need as the newbie.  Rachel: half-japanese, speaks japanese, super creative, even tinier, her voice is adorable, goes on a lotso dates, so including, nice.  Riley: relief society president, speaks french, all the boys love her, super fun and spunky, amazing long lean legs, and a dancer.  Shayn: ohhh sweetest thing, "scandy", my twin {both early grads, and other things i cannot remember for the life of me}, speaks chinese, outgoing, hilar.  And last but not least, Haley: seriously the kindest girl in the world, sweet, cute hair, the longest eyelashes, our mother.
 My bed!  And pillow pet.
 Rach's welcome!  And I adddoooree the chainlinks above my corner.
Boot from Stacie and notes from the Laurels!  Frame from Erin.
The next morning, disgusting, but ready to go!  P.S.  Rach made me that cheetah bracelet too.

My first day of school really wasn't my first day of school.  I don't have class Tuesday or Thursday.  How'd I swing that?  For this glorious day I finished putting my things together then got ready and got groceries with my dad.  While getting groceries I basically got a job.  There was this cute girl with her adorable twin daughters that we helped getting her groceries to her car, annnd i'm her new babysitter.  Or so I hope.  Maybe even nanny?  We'll see.  But I'm stoked because her two year old daughters were already pointing out all the colors to me because they love me.  I met up with Tantor and David, met lots of people, including Wess, {and yes Skyler, even Jamison}.  They helped me get my ID, books, and even gave me a mini tour.  Then David made us panini's and tomato basil soup for lunch.  Wow.  I'm being super detailed, but all of these little acts of kindness mean the world to me!  Then for Haley's late birthday the roomies went out to Brick Oven Pizza!  Learned about Shayn's "scandy side".  I skpyed Erin too!!!  Man am I gonna miss that girl.  Then saw a bit of Despicable Me.  Now I am back on my little, yet surprisingly comfy, dorm room bed.  And I'm freaking out about tomorrow.  5 classes.  In buildings I most likely WILL NOT be able to find among the mass of people in coats with their earbuds in.  Seriously.  That's campus for ya.  
 Spencer was there to Skype too.  He leaves for his mission in Munich in 2 weeks!
She even saved a little paper I doodled on.  Unintentionally, but saved all the same.
And we did a mustache/Mr.StealYourGirl tribute to Tyler.  Had to.

New Years Resolutions have been readjusted to my new life: Do my homework stat.  Babysit whenever I can {most likely Tuesdays & Thursdays}.  Run after my Interior Design class MWF. Be outgoing/comfortable around my roommates.  Don't freak out.  Snowboard once.  Hike the Y.  Eat healthy {got muh soup, salad, and gluten-free cereal!}.  Get stellar grades.  Get a scholarship.

Wish me luck tomorrow?