This week...

Was crazy.  I had a great week running and feeling good last week.  But with finals, a new baby, and hardly any sleep my exercise and good eating habits was thrown off.  Let's just say I hit up Fili B's twice.  Let the recap begin!

On Saturday I went on a date with Jordan to his family's annual white elephant Christmas party.  While that's awkward enough as it is, the theme was white trash...  Ha but it wasn't so bad, I even got to break out Erin's overalls.  They were all super nice and hilarious!  Even though they kept stealing from me... Thanks for the night Jordan. 
don't mind the awkward face, just love the overalls.
I came home, changed, and went over to Todd's to meet his family!  All these families, it was outta control, kidding.  His nephew Grant was adorable and gave me knucks.  We grabbed some coldstone, attempted to climb Stapley, met up with Erin, Tyler, Scott, and Alicia, did the cinnamon challenge and thennnn things went sour.  
Todd & Tyler before they breathed cinnamon the rest of the night
You know just when you think your life is great and amazing, and something happens to come and put you back in your place?  Well, staying out 'till 2 am with Todd did just that.  I came home, BUSTED.  Dad even called Todd and supposedly banned him from seeing me?  It was intense.  And then it wasn't even that I was out, but that I have "low standards, low self-esteem" yadda yadda yadda.  It was a mess.  Come Sunday though, it had all blown over.  With the parents at least, {well with my dad, i think}.  I still haven't seen Todd yet, just facebook message apologies and texts, which btw, he is like the best writer and so nobel about it all.  Helllooo, it makes me feel even more guilty!  Anyway, I've discovered I'm horrible at relationships.  I haven't had one functional relationship.  Okay maybe I'm being a bit dramatic.  It was just a crazy night where I was a stupid, selfish girl.  I almost felt like I was using Todd as a coping mechanism for past boys/ things with my dad, as horrible as it sounds.  I just wanted someone else to connect to and to talk to.  You know?  However, "the ban" made me realize how much I really do like him, even if it is just as a good friend.  Sorry about everything Todd.

Tuesday, December 14th, Doug and Chantel's baby Brielle Zia was born!  We went down to the hospital around 7 or 8, to find out that Chantel was going to get a C-section.  Poor girl.  She had pretty much been in labor for 3 days having contractions.  They broke her water around noon when she had dilated at a 5, but she hadn't improved since.  Because her water had been broken for so long, she got an infection, infection + baby = no bueno!  It was scheduled for 10, so I decided to jet home to work on my portfolio for my English class due the next day.  I hadn't been home fifteen minutes when my mom called me to tell me the babay was here! BABBYYY!!!  I sped down there in ten minutes and waited outside to see my Carlita {we called her Carlos because they couldn't decide on a name, and didn't until two days later}.  So here's what happened.  Todd {chantel's dad todd, not busted todd}, Rachelle, Shae, and dad had been sittin' in the waiting room when my dad saw Doug in his scrubs walkin' past the window.  Weird. So he goes outside to see him and a nurse with the baby in her cart!  I guess Chantel went right in for surgery and bam, baby!  She has her lips and chin, and a head of dark long hair, just like Violet! I didn't go to bed until 4 that night, yikes!
 Happy Daddy!  Doug is seriously the sweetest pappa ever.  He's totally smitten by her.  This is where we sat outside all night waiting for a peak at our baby girl.
A little family!

Thursday started the first day of finals.  And it rained!  I LOVE RAIN.  So so much.  After school mom and I went down to take Doug and Chantel some jamba and finally hold my little girl!  She is adorable.  She has the cutest face shape in the world.  It's amazing how good she and Violet are too!  So so terribly good and easy {so says the mothers}.  Really though they are so content and settle themselves down and just love to sleep and sleep!  They're livin' the life I tell ya: sleep, cuddle, eat, sleep, cuddle, eat.
 Her little yawns are the cutest
 See that hair?!  It's like an inch long too.
 I love my little Ellie!
Shae & I are her favorite aunts.  Note all the name deciding goin on.

Friday was my last day of high school.  After first hour I got so sad when I finished my final.  But not because it was my second to last final, but because it was the last day I'd ever sit next to Calvin :(.  Oops, I just revealed my first hour crushes name!  Oh well, I'll probably never see him again anyway.  I'm crying. Sadfacex20.  After playing with a seminary teachers adorable daughter and watching her know exactly how to slide open an iphone {kids these days! she's not even 2!} while sitting on my lap, Savannah, Haley and I hit up Costa Vida for my last high school lunch ever.  We talked about boys who would be great future husbands, naturally.  If I do remember right, that's one of ze challenge questions?  Just gotta wait until then I suppose!  Oh, and then I discovered that odd boys like me.  Odd isn't necessarily bad, just not my taste. Really though.  There is a list.  Wow I'm so mean right now.  But again, this brings us back to never having a functional relationship!

Saturday morning.  Lauren hadn't been home an hour and she's already on my nerves BIG TIME.  I couldn't get ready because she was all up in my grill and wouldn't leave me alone.  I swear sometimes...  Erin picked me up for a surprise lunch at Tia Rosas she and Skyler planned for me graduating!  I really don't deserve these things.  People are so dang nice!  Sky even got me flowers. I love love love flowers.  Just love them.  My lovely friends who came were Hannah, Caitlin, Kenzie, Ashlie, Haleigh, Mady, Lindsay, Kimee, Erin and Skyler. Thank you thank you thank you!  Oh, and my Aunt Denise and Uncle Rick flew down from Utah to come just for me!  Just kidding, but we were sure surprised to see each other there, and they guaranteed me Sunday dinners hollla.  After lunch, Erin gifted me with the cutest picture frame and head beanie thing that I love!  Seriously, I was about to cry I love her so much.  Then E, Haleigh and I were like, we need to take a picture of us and Leah to put in it, and then we're like bff photoshoot!  So we scoped out the cutest places in Old Gilbert and called our fab photog friend Kenz and we're booked baby!  Then we visited Tyler at work and watched him making pizzas creepily in the window.  Then we visited cute and smiley Leah at work.  Then we went home and reconvened at a parking garage for some longboarding.  We being us 4 girls, tyler, scott, and matt.  So hardcore.  Haleigh and I matched in our hoodies and sneakers and we had a mini dance party.  And all was well.
Flowers from Skyler

Today, Sunday, Breck and Steve were here!  Woo.  After being called up in church again and being typecast as the early graduate that much more we visited doug, chantel, and brielle all settled at home.  I love her soooo much.  She barely woke up a bit before we left but was so cute all snuggled and stretching in my arms. awhh i love being an auntie!  Tonight Lauren and I skyped her boyfren and Tanner, Nate, Syd, and Haley picked me up!  And Tanner and I talked colejh and about my roommates.  And basically he's my future husband.

And that was my week!

P.S. Woah woah woah, I just reread this and sound like I'm in love with a million boys = not good.  Lemme clarify.  Todd= recent boy/new good friend.  Calvin=1st hour crush for the entire semester that it's like a joke so it's alright. Tanner= my best friend/first dance date.  We good?  We good.