This week has been spent:
~Going to MVT's holiday dinner concert= uh-maze-ing.
~Seeing the Mesa Temple lights.
~Driving all around, realizing my bff Todd is basically the boy version of me, and listening to the Twilight soundtrack while Tyler spies...
~Being totally overwhelmed with school yet never doing any of the millions of things on my list...
~Running the track at nights.  I love the crisp air.  It keeps me sane.
~Mythology randomness with Allen, Alma, and Jonathan.
So Allen and I were obsessed with that flippy paper clip thing, we <3 substitutes.
~Telling stories in code in Seminary {to avoid the ears of our teacher} with Conrad, Jen, and JD.
~1st hour crush definitely flirting with me, AND he said hi to me later in the day. OMGoodness.  Yes, I can still act like a 13 year old girl and be totally fine with it.
~My last high school assembly
Let's just say the Jr. Suns were a little crazy this year.  Paige's little brother even kissed Shelby.
~Experiencing my last real Friday EVER. {the whole graduating early thing...}  And maybe even crying a little bit.  Just maybe though.
~Facebook stalking my new roommates!  They look adorabllleee, let's hope everything goes alright!
~Of course, the beautiful Arizona sunsets. #3 thing I'll miss while in Utah.
The picture doesn't even compare.
~Trying to master a spiderman picture with Erin.
 Take 3
 Take 27!  Wooo!!!
 Each take usually resulted in falling over laughing.
True friendship.
=Pure Hilarity.

Life is goooooddddd,
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