Dancing in the Moonlight

Saturday was great, here's why:
~I had an amazing run that morning in the cool, cloud covered weather
~Got ready easily
~Figured out my dress
~Did my hair (except it was being annoying so i took it out, maybe that's not a good thing)
~I freakin' mastered the smokey eye!
~Took pictures at the Orange Patch
~Had dinner at mi casa, which the desert was delish
~Somehow I got lasagna on my shoulder?!  But I got it off.
~Danced it uppppppp.
~Watched Just Friends for our night activity on Brynn's balcony.  "Forgivenesssss, is more than saying soorrryyyyy"
~Had so much fun!
 Aren't mommies decorations gorgeous?
 so staged
 favorite picture of the night
 Breckie came to help and was quite the waitress!  There's baby in there!
 Kenz and Brent creepin' 
 Ze dinner party.   I wish I would've gotten a better picture of the back of my dress, so pretty!
 Table shot #1
 Table shot #2
 My hair was doing this annoying callac thing...
 Christy <3
 James.  Yeah buddy, rollin' like a big shot.
 Paige and Mac!
 Caleb!  We're engaged...
Cait, me and Han!
 Yes, I took this picture of Cody.  Thank you, thank you very much.
 Kenzie, Val, Mady, and me!
 So Jake decided to play hacky sack with his phone...  At least it wasn't baby Jesus?
 Shmokey Eyes!  And my hair when it looked good.

Sunday I was sicky full force:
~Came home after sacrament and took the most amazing shower of my life, sorry if this is TMI.  But I really hope there are showers in heaven, because they are my favorite.
~Doug & Chantel came over for the Christmas Devotional.  Baby's about to be burnt in her oven!  Time to come out!
~Hung out with Todd, Tyler, and Erin.  And I was weird yet again.  Can't I learn how to control my emotions!?

Today, Monday:
~Didn't do my English homework again, if only I had it sixth hour it would be an entirely different story.
~Took a lovely nap
~Went bowling, which was surprisingly fun by myself.  Get in and get out.
~Went on a mini run
~Visited Todd and then Erin and Tyler came.  Woo!  P.S.  we have SO much in common.  Never known anyone to share my love for a specific maroon.  Forizzle.

Life in general:
~School is stressful right now, teachers are cramming, which means we are stressin'!
~I dance in my car wayyyy too much.  Like, I literally go crazy.  By myself.
~My face is freaking out.  First it was full of zits, and now it's peeling and charred, and then it decides to spring up cold sores all up on it.
~Oh did I mention I was sick?  Cause my sinuses are going crazy.

Zee End.

forgive me for the bounty of pictures.