I Love Luscious

Hewo bwog.

Friday night was so extremely fun!  Haleigh, Leah, Erin and I had a bit of dinner at CPK with a waiter, name tag reading Kody James, who was noticeably into Leah.  You may think it was just our annoying teenage hormones and giggles that made it seem so, but he truly was {Leah we promise!}.  That being said we left him her number on the back of our check as we ran out and stalked watched through the windows of any signs of him finding it.  So far, it looks like he hasn't.  Then it was off to the football game singing T-swizzle and yelling "she's not a saint and she's not what you think she's an actress, wo-o-ah" {sorry camilla, it was catchy! i still worship you though}.  We lost.  But that wouldn't dampen our spirits!  Especially because #3, aka my 1st hour crush who is gorgeous and made eye contact with thrice, looks so cute when he's upset and in a football uniform!  I'm boy deprived, sue me.  We grabbed some QT hot chocolate and slushies on our way back to mi casa where we made a million music videos on my macbook summer.  Zacharias and Jeffy stopped by for the fun as well.  We even sang happy birthday at midnight when Jeffy turned 18!  Those videos are basically the best thing you can watch to cheer you up.  Simply amazing.  I love those girls so much.

the check
 Hay, Lele, Me, ET.

 Erin the Excellent.
We remixed this by watching it as we did it.  It looks so legit!
this is only one of like, 6.

Saturday morning was Chantel's baby shower!  It was decked out in purple and silver, complete with cake pops {actually brownie pops} and adorable baby cupcakes.  She got the cutest things for bebe and looked hawt in her preggo outfit. I even won a new scent of bath and body works things for having the closest guess of the number of purple gumballs in the jar.  One off at 163!  So maybe math is applicable to everyday life outside of the classroom...
 Nat, Chantel, Breck, Momma
 heaven in a pop.
Sleeping baby <3

Then it was off to pick up Matt for the traditional volleyball paint date!  We had 3 times more paint than last year; so much so that we hardly used our ginormous tarp!  Matt clobbered me with paint.  No really, I got shirted every chance he could get, which was more often than not.  We went back to Hannah's house and hosed off in her retention basin.  Some people showered or jumped in pools so Matt and I were left to ourselves to pelt each other with the hose and try to get all of the caked paint off.  The water was freezing but so much fun.  Neither of us brought a change of clothes, so we went home, showered, and changed.  We rushed back to Caitlin's for a double feature of Toy Story 3 and The Village.  Let me just say right now, The Village is the BEST movie ever!  My new favorite.  My hands clenched Matt's arm, literally curled in the fetal position with a pillow over our faces.  We were incredibly terrified and my brain was spinning.  Afterward we sat and analyzed the thing for a good 20 minutes.  And I still think of Lucias {aka Luscious} and Ivy now!  Best date to date.
 p.s. that tarp is folded in half

 At first I was the Hulk...
Then I acquired black lips...
 attempted to strangle Matt...
 got shirted, again...
 got paint in my eye...
and then smothered his face-shawwww. 
 jerod, paige, monson, & mindy
 straight outta da Lochness with Megan.
Paige is sad that i'm leaving in January. {see that sick-nast hair?} 
 Sooo Matt cleaned up nicely, me on the other hand...  I blame the shirting.
 My shirt is legit.
Oh, and while I was in the restroom Matt broke the bean bag.  More like foam bag.

great weekend. so long, farewell.
love natalie grace.