I Love Lists

Things are great in Hollywood this week:
~ Carey Mulligan was cast as Daisy Buchanan in the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby with the iconic Leonardio Dicaprio as Jay Gatsby.
~ Gwenyth Paltrow's {only my favorite from her acting in Emma, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Shakespeare in Love} singing career has skyrocketed.  Loved her in Glee, as well as the acapella Teenage Dream.  P.S.  I love acapella, especially BYU's very own Vocal Point.
~ Prince William and Katie Middleton are officially engaged.
~ Rachel Zoe is preggurz!  I. Die.
~  Camilla Belle wore this.
Yeah, no wonder she's my girl crush.

Now to real life, my life:
In honor of the Harry Potter movie premieres, I am in fact reading the series!  Yes, I haven't until now.  Yes, this morning I checked out Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone at the library.  And I love it.  Yes, Nate and I have Harry Potter Day planned for the 21st.  Yes, we know the real day has already passed.  Yes, The Making of Harry Potter was on the Bio Channel tonight.  Am I in wizardry heaven?  YES!  I even wrote our family letter with a hint of British wordage.  I'm doing my extended family a favor if you ask me.  Speaking of family letter {aka family updates}  I have alot of updating to do of my own.  I have also been having a lousy last couple of days.  Lousy entailing throwing up during 6th hour conditioning, feeling rather large again, wanting to throw a rock at something.  Like a brick wall.  Or Aunt Flo.  Today I could have possibly passed as bipolar.  My mood swings were off the charts.

Other Highlights:
~ Tanner being a real man by loving real woman and posting this article.
~ Finally finding my purrfect bedspread
~  Drawing last night
~ Not throwing up today

Goodnight my Muggles!  XOXO.
P.S. this lovely blog via this lovely blog is inspiring a fashion overhaul in me.
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