Give it Here Malfoy

Thanksgiving break was just wonderful!  I spent the entire 4 days in my leggings and let all thoughts of school go out the window.  What essay?  Wednesday night I went bowling for my online class with my pawdra to burn off some of those calories for the coming feast {yeah right}.  Thanksgiving consisted of waking up to sweet smells around noon, family coming over, a yummy stuffing for dinner, watching funny youtube videos, singing the trolololo song all day, finishing Harry Potter 3 while the family played Settlers of Catan, and then getting stood up.  Haha but not really.  

We skyped Clark, Mo, and Vi again.  Vi was in her bear suit and was Little Lettie Bear!  She even growled for us.  She is still so tiny and adorably cute!  Miss them.  Breck and Steve stayed throughout the weekend, so we were able to go to bowling again with them.  Guess what?  I am terrible at bowling.  No really though, my first game I bowled a 47.  That is reeeallly bad!  Quite funny actually.  I've also decided that bowling is the most awkward sport there is.  If I could watch myself bowl, I bet I would die of laughter from how funny I look.  Pure hilarity.  After bowling I went to Matt P's for a bonfire which was sooo fun!!!  Except we burned his to be sister-in-laws branches that were supposed to be decorations for her wedding the next weekend...  Woopsies.  I met a cool guy named Todd, who kept kicking my foot... {kidding Todd} and we both like awkward turtles and saying "give it here Malfoy" in british accents.  

 My beautiful pie.  Well, my leaves on the pie.  Humble pie it is.
 Dinner party

The next morning I woke up early and Leah, Erin, Marlee, Haleigh and I headed over to iHop in our pj's for Haleigh's birthday!  We ate our pancakes, had a funny waitress, talked about Todd {okay okay, I talked about Todd} and even saw Jeffy.  Afterwards I burned off that meal with a long walk with Breck and madre.  Then I took a nap.  Because let's face it, it had been a tiring weekend!  I also got really gutsy {or so I though} and sent a 7 page text to Nate about how "i just can't do this anymore" {so tough, right?} and on and on.  And then we talked and were all good and dandy, and then I was like, wait, how'd he get off the hook again?  Why does he have to be so freaking charming.  Fo real.  Anyway, I'm happy that I've finally figured it out.  I know we're not trying to be serious at all, but don't I at least deserve to be treated better?  Not that I'm being treated bad, but just disposable I guess.  Like I'll always be there, but I won't.  Whew I'm being confusing.  Sowwwyy.  Good thing I can tell jokes with Todd! Ha kidding.  If only Erin could read all of this, she would be laughing so hard.  Okay, enough with this secretive boy nonsense!  That night I stopped by Em Cliff's for her birthday, and then had an awkward boy conversation with my mom.  Which I never want to have again.  Sorry mom.  Let's just not.

Today was beautiful and rainy outside!  Which made me happy, because I absolutely love the rain, and I pulled out my tights!  Then I went to church.  And then, just when I thought everything was normal in sacrament meeting, I got called up to bear my testimony.  SAY WHAT?!  I literally threw my head back in dismay.  Just so you know, it seems as if every time people are randomly called up after a youth event or what not, I am called up to bear my testimony.  Every.  Single.  Time.  And now that I am graduating early and a "single adult", my sporadic callings have transferred to that too.  I thought that because I've gotten a new bishop and stake president it would be different.  Nope.  And it was Zach Z's homecoming, hence the packed-ness.  But I am grateful for the opportunity.  Because of these random callings I've never felt the need to bear my testimony on fast Sunday.  I guess it makes me talk when I otherwise wouldn't have.  Maybe my testimony just needs growing or something, who knows.  Then during our third hour we went into the other half of our old ward to listen to Matt G's farewell.

Now I'm off to our annual Christmas Carol Fireside!

And then I have to write an essay.

P.S.  I need a camera, my mom is starting to get suspicious, hence barely any pictures of the weekend.  No picture of bonfire, birthday breakfast, or bowling.  Boo.  Wow, great alliteration, right?
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