Fly like a 6 Flags

This was me on Thursday:
 Obsessed with HP.  So I guess I have officially submitted to another teen trend. Bloody brilliant.  Some people dressed up at school in honor of the showing. I opened the door for Luna Lovegood.  I saw Dobby walking across the courtyard.  And even snape!  What a wonderful way to cheer everyone up.  As for me, I dressed up as a Muggle.  PS, my vocab test was awesome:  on the matching portion I came to G, and it was number 6.  So in my head, I said G6.  Fly like a G6.  Anyway...

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows {Part 1}!  Quinton, Mady, Capri, McKenzie and I watched it in all of it's glory.  It was amazing, creepy, dark, weird?, crazy, intense, sad, hunky {ron}, gorgeous wedding dress, beautiful scenery, idol {hermoine}, rocked.  Made me extremely excited to read it!

After the movie I went home only to finish the book #1 and sleep for about an hour.  Why you ask?  Why because I had to pick up Mady, Jordan, and Brent to head to 6 Flags for our Winter Formal day activity!!!  We lucked out with more room in a suburban rather than the 15 seater van...  Regardless my arm still hurts from sleeping on it funny, for as much as I love Jordan I wasn't so into cuddling with him on the drive so I remained in the fetal position for some light sleeping.  At least I didn't get stuck under a seat in the van for three hours like Mitch...  We ate breakfast at tables outside a Sprouts once we got to Valencia at 9 and got some ponchos to combat the rain.  Yes, rain.  Weather reports predicted heavy storms days before we left, but we lucked out with drizzling rain for only an hour or two!  Which is where we spent waiting in line for X2.  For two hours.  Because they were adding another car to the coaster.  And our feet were soaked and freezing.  Other than that annoying wait we hit all the other open rides and had a blast!  We even made friends with Batman and Robin {my favorite was when they saw us coming back to talk to them later in the day and hid under their capes on a bench}.  The only other disappointing thing about the day was the fact that we kinda split up from the rest of the group because while we went to get in line for X2, they got Jared a wheelchair.  So after we met back up for lunch, they went on X2 and we went on all the other rides.  Switched.  Oh and that I had to buy a locker at every, single, stinkin, ride.  But otherwise it was great! Got home at 2 this morning, which was far sooner than we expected.  Yayy.

 The group!
 The crew for the day.
 Passing time in line flipping umbrella's and such.  We even got to the point where we had to play down by the banks and ninja.
 Tate making something useful of his poncho.
 mah date jordan
we were in line for 2 hours, give us a break.
 mady, jordan, me, tate
 soaked shoesies
X2, oh the things we do for you.
 McKenzie broke out her tattoo skills.  At this point I was sitting down in line.
 Then Mady wanted a lady bug so I drew them for her, and drew Kenzie as water cause that's what she was drawing on...
 Jordan's hand.  Make sense?

 Tater tot got to do the basketball competition!
Kenz and I even made up a song:  "Hop up out the van, turn my swag on, take a look at 6 flags and say whatsup.  Yeahhh, we're gettin' rained, onn."
And that's six flags in a nutshell.

need. to. read. next. harry. potter. book. a. s. a. p.!
oh and write two essays, but those don't matter do they?
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