Sooo Much

Well a lot has been going on lately.  And when I say a lot, i really mean a lot.  Like a lot.  Here we go!

First and foremost, yes, I did get accepted to BYU!  Everything is really falling into place and I am realizing that this really is the best decision for me.  So many things testify of it's perfectness as I think about it more and more.  I just hope that I can bear the winter!  Which I know can't but I at least hope I can learn to.

Last Thursday we had a volleyball game against the Mesquite-os and went straight to our Nike Tournament of Champions "kick-off dinner" if you will.  WNBA and Stanford volleyball and basketball player Candice Wiggins spoke to us.  She was pretty funny.  We also watched all the new Nike "Boom" commercials, all of which feature Morgan Beck hitting.  During all of this, I got a text from Clark-- they were at the hospital.  The baby was coming, and two weeks early too!!!  I was literally freaking out, so excited I couldn't contain myself!  

The next day I was up bright and early for our tournament.  Still waiting for any news of the baby.  We rocked the tournament, winning every game that day and playing so well.  After I went to the football game and caitlin's for waffles and funny conversation.  Have I mentioned before how much I love drum line?!  Cause I most definitely do.  They are the best part of my friday nights. 
Oh, and baby Violet Bryn was born at 4:26!  
oh  just Paige and I being legit.
 Our cool picture standing by our numbers ruined by these ladies that couldn't get a clue... Ees okay.
Oh you know, just me being cute.  Sike.  But i love how large my kneepads look.
Milani's camera is cool.
I love creepin' in pictures with Hannah and Blake.

Waking up bright and early once more it was off to finish the tournament.  We made it to the finals of our division, Diamond, playing sooo well.  And then we lost in 3 games.  We killed them the first, then their star player with a wicked topspin just happened to be in the front row the last five points.  So we lost by 2.  But overall a great tournament for us.  I also loooveee the bus rides around this time.  The weather is just beginning to chill, the windows down, ipod in listening to Portugal. The Man and Drake (awesome combo...), laying down with my legs up against the opposite seat.  It really is the best feeling in the world.  

Then I walked into chaos the second I got home.  Crunch time before the party!  So Breck and Steve threw this amazing Halloween dinner party for some of their married friends, and recruited a couple of my friends and I to help out.  Up until the guests actually arrived at 7 we were all working our bootays off with the finishing decor touches and preparing the first course.  Flashback*  So the night before Breck, Steve and I were setting up and Steve had this awesome idea of people coming to creep out of the groves and scare the guests.  He was so happy about it and got all excited.  I just said, "too bad I don't hang out with boys".  Little did he know, I recruited some guys to come and creep!  So the night of, I let Breck in on my little secret and coordinated with them the time of their attack...  Back to scene*  Caleigh and Savannah were hard core at making the mashed potatoes, and then we ran out of butter.  So I called my neighbor Ashlyn to borrow a couple sticks.  Not being able to drive out due to the bajillion cars, I sprinted down to her house to find about twenty guys in morph suits and Ashlyn standing outside with the butter, freaking out and sooo confused.  I was dying of laughter-- these morph men were my creepers!  Conrad (my ring leader) did good.  I ran back with butter in hand and grabbed my camera to prepare for the creepin'!  Watching for signs of the boys, suddenly, I kid you not, Conrad literally jumps over the bushes and rolls out secret agent style onto the grass.  Then Jill and Karissa (Breck's friends) scream bloody murder as the rest start messing with them!  Needless to say Steve was pleased.  Or at least I thought he was.  The night was a success from the good food, to Breck and Steves hosting skills, to the Dance off.  Even though it was a lot of work to put together an appetizer, salad, soup, main course, and desert for 30 people, and then serve and pile in the dishes, it was sooo much fun!  We just had the itunes going, took some pictures in between, and watched the shenanigans outside.  Each of us five girls even made $23.50, which I am so embarrassed about, because these people need it more than we do, being starving law/ medical students and all.  Oh, and Breck should be a designer thats how good everything looked.
And this is only half of the plates... 1-800-CATERUZ.
 The lovely hostess behind one of her cute centerpieces
 Mashing like 3 thousand pounds of potatoes.  We literally pilled them on everyone's plates-- hilar.
We ate the leftover spinach artichoke dip.  It was delicious. 
Conrad and Alyson.  Yep, a girl.  When I saw her I was like, he has lady parts?  So funny.
 Morph men.  Minus a few.
 Max and Monson were oh so creepy
 sky- watermelon, cay- peter pan, han- nerd, nat- blair waldorf, sav- 80's chick, cait- genie
So Skyler has this fetish for knives... 
We <3 Lauren 
Great night, great night.
The lap dance...ulll...
Our dance... which is super fast?! and off of the sound!  kinda funny that way, baby i like it.

The next morning I boarded a plane to Orange County to meet up with my parents and see little Violet and her new parents!  She is the most beautiful baby.  She has the darkest head of hair and I couldn't stop calling her "honey".  It really didn't hit me even as I was sitting their holding her that she was real!  I love love love her.  She's so sweet and just yawns and coos, she seriously has a good chance of being a singer.  She even made me cry because she was crying when I changed her diaper.  We were able to help Clark & Moranda check out of the hospital and get settled in their apartment.  Which the nursery is adorable-- sea foam blue room, cute little monster dolls and adorable crib.  She is going to be so spoiled being the first grandchild on both sides.  Unfortunately, we had to leave and back to Arizona we went.  P.S. the OC airport is the coolest little airport ever.
 Violet!  Look at that hair.
 Soo in love.
 With the new papa.
 Baby Baby Baby Ohhhh
So content!

Monday after team picures we practiced at the sand volleyball courts, which may or may not have been the reason for our PATHETIC & EMBARRASSING loss against Gilbert on Tuesday.  I literally slipped out the back after the game and cried the way home because I was so embarrassed.  So many people came and we sucked it up.  Like BAD.  Oh, and I got answered at the game.  While we were waiting to start the third game, Jordan, Scott, and I didn't see who the other guy was lifted up their shirts and under was written Y-E-S across them.  Cute, too bad I was in a bad mood aha.  Wednesday was senior night and we won.  All of our injured girls got to serve in the game and it was so sweet.  Love them.  Thursday was the last game of the season against Gilbert.  We held our own in the first game, but that team is probably going to take state.  Or Desert Vista.  Anyway, we were rockin' it on the bench:  "Sick on three, one two three SICK!" and  "All we need is one pass, ooh, ahh, say wha?  All we need is one pass..."  Then I looked at the pictures my mom took after the game and just about died.  You see, I had lost like 7 pounds after getting my wisdom teeth out and was sooo happy.  I just felt great and awesome and amazing.   Buuuttt i gained it all back.  WHHHHYYYYYY?  But now that volleyball is over, I can officially rid myself of that extra ten pounds and face full of acne, hallelujah sing praises of joy!
 Me, EMG, Meggie, Cait, and Kami J.
 love them.
Team lovin'
Toros or die.
Padre and Madre.

Friday we held our annual halloween practice.  I could not find anything to wear.  At all.  Last minute I grabbed my dad's old and ginormous trench coat, an old hat from his mission, and called myself Sherlock.  Whateveaaa.

Volleyball has been so good for me.  I sometimes wonder how my life would be different if I would've ran cross country at Mountain View like my mom urged me, but despite my body issues that increase with volleyball, its been so good.  I've made so many friends from all over the state, learned how to push myself and become better, became conditioned and a team player, had awesome coaches and parents, and most of all such fun memories with my teammates.  Toro vball 4 lyfe.

Tonight, (well yesterday night), I jumped in the shower, threw on the easiest costume I had, 80's, naturally, and went with Caleigh, Kelsey, and the cutest girl/my new friend Paige to a party out at a hanger in Chandler.  Much better than last Halloween!   Ahaha love them all.  Only thing is I lost my camera.  Blast.  But a nice terrorist dressed man who was working the party promised to call me if he found it after the party was all said and done.  Now I wouldn't normally trust a terrorist, but he had the picture of the Mesa Temple on his phone and his name is Zach sooo I think I'm okay.  Even though I always feel like an idiot at parties because I definitely can not dance, they are so fun.  They even used to be my only weekend activity in ninth grade!  Now don't be confused,  I've been the girl that dances funny all up on the grind train and been keepin' my crazy ever since.  Holllaaa.
paired with my acid washed shorts and shiny shoes.

Happy Halloween!  Or as I call it Holla-ween.  
If you haven't noticed, that's my favorite word as of late.
And for a laugh~
Clarks character is SO him, same exact dance moves.

I warned you this post would be long...