October Break Beginnings

October Break has been treating me well thus far:

~ Rocking my online math class!  So proud of myself.

~ Running!  Granted it was the treadmill, but at least it's something.

~ Figuring out housing for college & putting together at packing list.

~ Learning about my Germany, Austria, Switzerland trip in June!  Sooo excited!  231 days until departure.  In Munich, Germany I'm visiting the concentration camp Dachau, Residenz, Alte Pinakothek (incredible art museum), Deutsches Museum (largest Science & Technology museum in the world), BMW headquarters, 1972 Olympic Site (Olympics of Munich Massacre and when Mark Spitz won his 7 medals, 9 in career), Marienplatz & Hofbrauhaus among other places!  I'm extremely excited for Neuschwanstein Castle in Austria!  It's the castle Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty's castle are replicated after.  And so much much more!  Cologne Cathedral, Lucerene, Rhine Falls.  Ahh I cannot wait!  If only it wasn't packed into 10 days, I want to soak it all in!
Neuschwanstein Castle
Neus Rathaus is the actual New Town Hall, Marienplatz is the square.

~ Rustler's Roost for Doug's birthday!  That place has the most amazing view from South Mountain, I highly recommend it.  And their 9 layer chocolate cake is to die for (had to have some as my last meal before the wisdom teeth come out, going out with a bang).  We enjoyed conversation over the little cookie in the oven-- her name changes daily.  Brielle & call her Elle, Scarlett, Everlie...

~ Asking Jordan to Winter Formal.  He asked me to Homecoming after I'd already been asked, so I did the "fork-give me" thing accompanied with a pizza & the letters of my name on napkins.  My mom helped me since we went on the way home from the birthday dinner.  Now I am "anti-ring the doorbell and run" in these situations, and even more so since I was in a skirt.  However, my mom was convinced they were out of town so decided to do it herself!  Go mom.  Good thing he was only at basketball and "seriously about to hit up some pizza".

~ Night drive with Caleigh and Christy.  We had an impromptu photo shoot and talked about graduating early and all of it's excitement.  I'm going to miss them so much!  It's weird to think that everyone really will be going their separate ways starting now.  Thank goodness for Skype!
cay, me, chris

~  Tomorrow I loose my wisdom.  Also known as the dreaded wisdom teeth removal.  I'm preparing for the worst.  The absolute worst.  Pray for me.  Seriously I'm about to cry.