Daphne & Luna

~ Today I took advantage of my first free saturday morning by sleeping in.

~ I then renewed my old school love of snood and have been playing throughout the day.

~ I am now off to Erins for a break from my slothfulness.

~I have a craving to watch The Incredibles.  I'm definitely going to when I get home.

~ I was so excited for October Break to come around and give me a week where I could concentrate on me (not that i dont do that already) but without volleyball to wear me out and school to stress my mind.  It would give me time to wake up every morning and run, maybe shop a little, work on my online math class (never dropped it) and just tie up some loose ends before the semester ended.  Not to mention enjoy the dropping temperatures. THEN I find out I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed.  ew.

~ However, I'm going to be better this week at running in the mornings, I really need it now more than ever.  It will be a constructive outlet  for me.  That or mosaics, buttt i need money to do mosaics.

~ In light of general conference weekend: "Work will win when wishy washy wishing won't"
-Thomas S. Monson

~ Paramores album Brand New Eyes is my best friend again.  I used to listen to it on my morning drives to school last year around this time.  Thank you Chantel!

~ Last night I dreamt I got 2 kittys at the mall, someone gave them to me?  I named the white one Daphne and the tiny black one Luna.  I have AWESOME dreams.  Really.

here's to now, xoxoxo.
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