Fly like a G6

This weekend was a pretty good one.  Friday night Erin, Walker and I decided to drive out to Mountain Ridge High for the first MVT football game.  It was soooo farrrr.  I made a fool out of myself rapping to songs and just being all out weird the drive there.  When we did get there, both of the parking lots were packed so we ended up parking on this random dirt road with houses on one side.  There were so many cars parked already that we just lined up behind the next.  Before we knew it three of the drunkest guys came up screaming at us to move our effin car, yadda yadda yadda, and to take off our effin red shirts cause we weren't crips. hahahaha the "crips" part gets me every time.  I was just confused, Erin was scared, and Walker said he was just mad at them, but to me it looked like he was freaked out haha. We left, found another spot, and then proceeded to watch the game in hot, bug infested weather.  Max and I teamed up to let Erin know where her beau Beau (good one ay?) was on the field at all times.  For example, "oh hey Beau's walking toward us!  Nice block on the 30 yard line Beau!  That block was for Erin!" Max joined us for the ride home, which was such a joy.  Then we went back to Max/Beau's house and watched Mean Girls which was, always is, and always will be fun.
awhhh Beauuu. why yes, i did creepily take a picture of this picture on the fridge...

on Saturday morning i woke up to meet with a 'math tutor' for my pre-calc class.  I basically did not understand one thing he taught me and am dropping the class and taking online bowling & health/wellness instead.  HALLELUJAH.  After that whole situation Mom and I ran out to try on the pink, rosette dress i loved.  Too bad it looked HORRIBLE on me :(.  I seriously almost started crying.  I had my whole look planned out and now I'm going to look bad with the dress we did get at Dillards.  This means I'm still on the hunt for a better dress and I'm kinda freaking out that I won't find it in time.  After rushing home and failing to get ready at all :( walker showed up to go to the first ASU football game of the season.  It was me, walker, jaren, and emzally.  We stopped at in n' out before the game, where walker got something in his teeth for the entire night.  And yes i just said that.  We killed Portland at the game, saw some people from school (especially tyler and brent in their nylon, body suits), went to yogurtland, stopped by Lyons house, and then came home.  Good night.
me attempting to take a picture of tyler and brent.  tyler's the maroon speck directly underneath the goalpost.
Today is Sunday, and the first day with the new ward!  Wow it's been awhile, so last sunday our stake got all these crazy boundary changes.  ***last week was a bad week for me, and then sunday was just an amazing day to make me calm and peaceful, and then we heard all the changes, so that was essentially last week.  oh and i got asked to homecoming by CJ, anthony was going to ask me too, and then jordan did ask me and i'd already been asked, so i'm asking jordan to winter! which i'm excited for.  i didn't want to go to homecoming at all though cause i'm gonna look so huge in a dress.  gah.  i just want to get married and have babies so i can just think about them and not be so conceited.  i'm just over it.***  Anywayyyy, the new ward is 2/3rds of my old ward, and 1/3 of a new ward with lots of kids my age from mountain view: michael, scottie, breanne, trevor.  So i'm actually really happy.  Later tonight i heard the doorbell, went downstairs, and Lauren handed me these cookies with a note:
only problem is, I have no idea who ma-ma-g is!  I love them anyway though! thank you thank you thank you.  so kind.
Nataliedance, erin, thanksgive