Life Through A Camera Phone

arizona monsoon aftermath
one day i helped clark move all of his stuff out of what is now doug & chantel's house, and i realized i forgot to take a picture of my final product!  super bad lighting but i love how they turned out.

i love MVT bathrooms.  reminds me, last week there was a post it note on the back of the bathroom door saying "you are beautiful, don't let anyone tell you differently" thank you mysterious note maker.

mother's parking job...

i love arizona skies! they are the best thing in this world.

for the beauty of the earth.

notice how it was the same street as the first...
rain! and amazing clouds.
rain is lovely rain is great.
so this one time i had a heart shaped bruise. super faint.
no i did not do this, but i like to think someone was thinking of me when they decided to vandalize sky harbor parking lot.

sooo we do these things called 10-10-10 at volleyball: 10 pushups, v-ups, and tuck jumps.  now our coach decides to text us and we have to do them and take a picture wherever we may be.  i just so happened to be at the diamondbacks game. facepalm.
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