I'm going to puppy-nap Dexter

On Friday the 13th I got to wear my shiny shoes again. It's been a while since they've graced my feet, it's good to have them back.  Caleigh and i decided to head over to the neon dance party with kimber.  we went crazy 'till kimee had to leave, then headed over to the fans and people watched. soo glad we don't take ourselves seriously. seriously.
did i mention i wore my cape? because i most definitely did.
caleigh's beautiful
--afterwards i stopped by christy's and saw sydnee and nate (who's home) but most importantly syd's adorable puppy dexter/mario/cutest thing. i miss my chrissyyy.
--i was reunited with dexter (and nikki) again last night after tanner (who's home from byu too!!! so happy to see him), jacob, skyler and i watched rachel sing.  i loved their doo wop feel, and their voices are incredible.  when i get to heaven i hope i am able to sing and dance. that would be wonderful.

--today i get to listen to my two favorite people, walker and tanner, sing in my ward! and others too. but like i said, they're my favorite.

--i love this wedding.  I'm all for the trendy, off-beat styles right now, but i've always seen myself having a more elegant, sleek-ish wedding feel. my favorite is her form fitting dress, the men's suits, bridesmaid dresses, flower scheme, and green reception. oh and the beach. so pretty much all of it. i think she balanced elegant & trendy perfectly.

--new favorite songs: leap year by maria taylor & that home by the cinematic orchestra.

hasta la vista babay.