A Hairy Situation

This morning was a rather annoying one.  After waking up and going for a run on the canal, i proceeded to literally run upstairs and jump into the shower.  Now the cross country runners, or just good 'ole Arizona runners, they'd know exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to rushing to get ready before school in the morning.  Depending on how long you run (cutting into primping time) this is how it usually goes: run, run to the shower, shower, are left still sweating even after you get out of the shower (Arizona), blow dry your hair-- forcing you to sweat some more, throw on some clothes and run out the door.  It's really not that bad, but if you throw lotion into the mix...

Anyway, like i said, this morning was rather annoying.  So I have a skin condition called keratosis pilaris.  It's pretty much the same thing as 'chicken skin', only the bumps are worse.  I do have a special lotion i'm supposed to use to help the bumps on my skin recede.  However, this lotion is extremely clammy, sticky, heavy, and not something that i want to be lathering on.  I hate it.  I looove loove love Aveeno, Unfortunately, i don't think it's been helping my skin one bit so i decided to use the sticky lotion today.  And BOY was that a bad decision!  After showering i slapped it on, rubbed it in as best as i could, and started to blow dry my hair.  Well considering i shed, a lot, this wasn't a great situation to be in.  My hair stuck to every. single. inch. of my body.  It was sooo tickily (girls & doug, you know what i mean!) and annoying and gah!  Then the sweat made it stick 20 times more!  It was a crazy morning to say the least.

I sat in first hour still trying to find the hair tickling my arms.

p.s. i love being sick and running. not. i'm a little, weezing weakling! it's pretty pathetic.

p.p.s. guess who's seminary co-president?! holllaa. wait, i've never ever had a seminary president before? well that's not including the self-appointed presidency or matt, preston, and keaton. this is weird.

xoxoxo natalia.