Sure Thannggg

So I was at the basketball game on Friday when out of nowhere my ghetto phone's screen goes black.  I try turning it on, turning it off, taking the battery out, etc etc etc.  It went white, but it was barely alive.  The kicker is I got 4 vibrations- as in 4 people text me that night!  And I couldn't read them!  Soo annoying.

The next morning was the ACT.  ehhh.  Besides the fact that they made us wait outside in the fuhreezing cold for a good thirty minutes, it was okay.  I finished like fifteen minutes early on both the english and the reading and I ran out of time on the math and science, but that was to be expected.  So I'm thinking they should just let us take it all at once, that way I could make up with my extra time, right?  It's only logical.

Afterwards my mom and I went to the alltell- sike verizon store to get that much needed upgrade on my phone.  I say verizon because they bought out alltell.  Thus, no upgrade.  Because my phone, as well as my sister and mom's phones are under my dad's account, we ALL had to get new phones.  What. A. Scam.  My dad was on his way home from the airport and came to take over. He got a new blackberry, and the girls all got a samsung sway.  We thought, well we're gonna have to do this eventually, better save our money now before they drop bombs on the rest of the alltell customers.  It was seriously an all day affair; my new home = verizon store.  Oh and you know how I got those 4 texts??  They weren't able to transfer them over.  Sooo I'll never know.  Annoying.

Nightime came and I got answered by my sadies date Maeser! 
Inside the box it had 'Sure' deodorant.

Speaking of Sadies, our group is HUGGEE.  Ginormous.  Personally I don't mind, but other girls are talking about splitting it up, even just for the day activity, so we'll see how it goes.  The only for sure are the plans for the dance day.  We're making pazookis and bringing blankets and bean bags outside where (drumroolll) the comedy/improv group Jesterz will be performing for us!  I've heard they're hilariousss, and E's brother is one of them!  Sweet hookups. So esscited.

I love Lazy Sundays. Crazy Delicious!