Loro Love

You know when you just have one of those GREAT weeks?  I feel like this is the week for me.  Here are some reasons why.

I've gotten back into running every single morning and i LOVE it.  I feel free, fresh, strong, athletic, hottt, soothed, relaxed; it is amazing.  One of the best things about it though is seeing the sunrise.  Smelling the canal and gasoline is up there too.  The reflection of the mountains in the water, mmm.  I just want to sing.  Horribly maybe, but sing nevertheless.  I mean it's hard, don't get me wrong, but getting out of bed is the hardest part.  Shin splints kill and when I'm tired, it's an entirely different story; but it is the ultimate way to wake up.  I mean i'm not an intense runner, just leisure, anyone could kick my butt for sure.  But it's liberating.

This morning I had the dentist = squeeky clean teeth-- my shiny teeth and me.

During ACT prep, Brandon was trying to set up Chandler and I.  Pure hilarity.

After school I delivered Christy her birthday jamba and we discussed life.  In this conversation, one thing made my arms literally fly in the air with my hands in rock position saying WOOOO!!  "Natalie, *blank* told me you're the best kisser hes ever kissed".  Cue Rock WOOO!!! Time. Best kisser frick yeah!  Do you know how good that makes a girl feel?  I mean still definite mixed messages adding on to the mixed messages I've been recieving this week but whatevs.  I rock dude.

Then we did yoga for mutual.  Yoga=happiness.

Today in accounting I (& Sam & someone else) recieved an application (I'd been reccommended for?) for this program.  It is 3 credits consisting of one class teaching marketing/business subjects such as sports and entertainment marketing, hospitality and destination, human relations, financial planning, and fundraising and event planning.  The other 2 credits count for the internship/job i will be practically GIVEN.  And not just a manual labor type 'making juice' job, like a hard core, real, business, working job.  On top of that, this program's going to Washington D.C. in November for leadership training.  Can you say amazing opp.?  This event planning and sports marketing stuff is exactly what I want to go into, or journalism, and I'm basically given a paying job--I can make bank. 

And I'm going to Switzerland, Germany, and Austria in June next summer. YESHHH.

I'm taking it all in.  Listen to Loro by Pinback combined with Indie Rokkers by MGMT.  This will explain my mood.
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