You Say It Was Like Fire

Fav. Scent- Scriptures, and va va vanilla
Fear- Kidnaped. Stalkers beware, I know self defense moves.
Last person you went to the beach with- Ryan Sheckler. Swoon.
Do you like to walk in the rain- YESH
Current Obsession- Thinking.  About nothing mostly.  More like daydreaming constantly.
Current Mood- Quite content.  Loopy, singing, sleepy, it's 2 am?
I wish- Cay would put the pictures up so I could write about my weekend!  Not that I can't... I guess I will.  (I really wish for unlimited wishes)
Thursday parents went to Utah, so I enjoyed watching music videos all night & dancing insanely.  Friday, Breckie came up from Tuscon to play with me.  We talked about her life, and my life over Costa.  She's what I needed.  I'm grateful she had to deal with exactly what I am right now.  After putting off Cay for more Breck talk for hours, I finally met her at Maxy's bday party across the street from mi casa.  Fun fun sicky sicky hoppin'.  Well we were at least, the whole crazy crew- Kimee, Cay, Bri, Ash, Con. We were dancing fools and it was grand.  Cay slept over, and we attempted to watch 500 Days of Summer, but were out less than ten minutes into it.  Granted I hadn't gone to bed the night before till late.  No matter, I got plenty of rest.   Rest until noon that is.  Then I was up and ordered to be ready in thirty to go see Sherlock with the sis.  It was way good.  About halfway through I got restless and the movie felt long, but after that it really picked up and I didn't want it to stop!  I know he's a scandal, but I love Jude Law.  I came home, ran, got ready, and went out with Caleigh and Kelsey.  That's where the lack of pictures come in.  We took our first trip to Bass Pro Shop!  Then we got MoJo.  Mmm MoJo is Love.  Breck left early this morning, and I went to church.  Haiti is in my prayers.
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