Schoolio Foolio

Long post alert.  Prepare yourselves.
My poor counselor.  I never knew who my counselor was up until this year and I've already managed to work her to death.  I ran out of classes to take!  How'd I swing that?  Well I've never taken alot of extracurriculars, I got my foreign languages out of the way in junior high and I took A hour in ninth grade.  With everyone in my area in seminary, football, pom/cheer, chorus/orch, this is reaaally unusual.  Like it's typical for seniors to have full schedules and sometimes even A hour. 
I'm fortunate enough to not have a first hour again!  Being able to sleep while everyone is at school  is the best feeling in the world (or pretty high up there).  I'm able to drive to school traffic free and usually have a spot in the parking lot guaranteed for me.  It only takes three minutes to get there from my house on top of that, so I'd say not having a first hour is pretty sweet.  Especially both semesters of your Junior year.  Like I said, this year I've had some schedule problems.  Last semester, I dropped yearbook.  Then about halfway through the semester, I found out I had to take another class to be eligible to play volleyball by AIA standards.  So I took the online class 'Personal Development'.  In other words, read a book by a mormon author (7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens) about standards I already try to hold so it was a breeze.  I'm actually taking the final tomorrow!  I had volleyball sixth hour, seminary, AND I was an aide.  So I had AP English, and Algebra.  That's it.  Yeah-- crazy.

This semester's a bit different.  I still have no first hour, then I have stained glass.  I was banking on taking advanced art, buttt because of our stupid economy, they cut the real art classes in the art department.  It was funny to me how they had an art show, but there was no real, hard art.  Then AP English with the fabulous Mrs. Snyder.  How I love her, you can't even imagine.  And in case I'm wondering, she didn't give me that A and she hasn't mentioned the e-mail.  Pity me.  Then it's lunch.  Longest thing of my life.  Then Seminary which I love, though I have to admit I loved last semester so much more.  I was able to be out there alot more, I did a devo like every other day, but because of the 'cool' seniors in my class now, I've gone mum.  Don't get me wrong,  I love them and it's still my favorite class of the day.  Now this where it gets screwed up.  I was supposed to have a sixth hour volleyball class, but Coach Katie resigned.  I wanted to go home after fith hour (which would've been math) and just take another online class.  I've literally gone over the class options list for Mountain View a million times, and there was nothing to take.  Nothing appealed to me, or I'd already done it.  Then my counselor, bless her soul, informed me that ONLY seniors could have four classes on campus.  Seriously?  There are so many things that fall through the cracks in the system too, it's annoying.   I'm on track to graduate and everything, and I could've graduated a semseter early, but there are stupid classes they designate only for Seniors, and they're two semesters.  Which I belive they need to change.  Anyway, my mom figured out I could take a speech class, but it was full and first hour (no can do!)  and then my dad suggested an accounting class.  So guess what I'm doing?  Accounting and Finance.  I know absolutely nothing about that, but I should learn alot.  And now I plan to be a CPA like my cousin 'cause they make bank.  Well my dad's stoked!  He even wants to read my textbook with me and teach me everything, seriously, he may be a little too excited.  But so am I because my bffffs Sam and Devin are in there!  Then I go to math.  Which is math.  Oh yeah, and my crushcrushcrush/eyecandy Eric is in there as mentioned in a previous post.  And then I have to be part of the crazy parking lot after school, which again, I'm not used to.  So now my days seem really long!  And thats the life of a sixteen year old yipee.  Remind me to write a thank you note to my counselor.

I decided though that it's good to be busy and I'm excited!  In ninth grade aka my golden year aka take me back, I was always going going going.  I woke up at 5 every morning to run.  I got ready in fifteen minutes and went to A hour.  I was student body president (yeeahh son!) and had Dobson as an advisor so he put us in this crazy student council association where we had to do a ton of extra work (best student council in AZ!).  And when I say we, I mean me and Kimee.  Then I had either volleyball or softball till hours after school had ended and games (undefeated season for both! minus Xavier [out of region] for vball, and the first team ever to do so for softball-- you'd think MVT would loovveee us).  And on top of that club volleyball and club softball.  You could say I was a busy girl.  But I'm positive that the reason why I loved ninth grade was because of all of this hullaballoo!  When I got to MVT, I didn't make student council, and had to quit softball because of our gay, stupid, idiotic, loser of a coach and horrible program which is a whole 'nother story. (They might not have enough for a jv team this year, that's how many people quit! SAD, you'd think they'd realize something is up... Again, stupid economy!).  In all of this everyone was so close!
And now a slew of pictures to depict the happiest time in my life.  So far.
I'm pretty sure only five of those girls are left (4 graduated)
I miss my tanned skin...
And today was the first morning I've run in a long, long, long time. It's nice getting up at 7 as oppossed to 5 to do so believe me. So I am actually pretty excited! Bring it on! Keep me busy! When I'm busy, I don't have time to think, or sit around, so yayyayyay.

And that is the story of my life :)  XOXO.
Nataliekimee, snyder