'Twas the season

People. I need to blog.  However I don't feel like blogging. Hmm.  This trip produced alomst zero pictures, sad.  To sum up the past 2 weeks of Christmas Break I will employ a list:
1.  I love my new CD for serenading me with sweet music every night in bed and the car rides
2.  I love my family-- espesh my new brother in law Steven Bobbie
3.  I love love love love snowboarding and my new board Santa brought me!  I don't suck.
4.  I love the game Settlers of Catan, and owning everyone twice in a row, granted Breck decided to go to bed (it was 3 or 4 in the morning...)
5.  I loved running everyday for a week, it's gotten me back in the mood, in fact, I think I'm gonna go run now!
6.  I love sudoku and snowflakes.  They occupy my time. (and self timer :))
7.  Tubing with the Timothy's= fuhrezzing cold yet so fun, Tubing with the favorite Fielding cousins= crazy fun
8.  Signs with the favorite Fieldings= hilarious. Growl Denise!
9.  Staying up till 2 every night, waking up at 11 every morning. mmmmmmm. I MISS IT.
10.  Car ride home in a crammed car.  I literally had boxes beneath me and on top of me from Laurens friggen shoes.  She bought the friggen BCBG store.  11 and a half hours, 6 people= foreeevverrr.

And that sums up Christmas in Park City '09!  Now back to gay school, running, new people in new classes, and ACT courses.  Yeah, ACT courses, wtf? Kill me now.
xoxo, grace gurl.
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