Kathryn Kathryn Russell Ashleigh Kathryn Kathryn Kathryn!!!

Did you just watch it?  Well did you?!  I am in LOVE with Kathryn.  And who didn't melt inside last episode when Ryan told everyone to vote for his wife Ashleigh (she not performing because of arm injury) instead of him?  Because I certainly did.  I love Ashleigh- expect all the makeup she wears over her eyes.  She literally has little squinters due entirely to the large amounts of makeup on them.  And I've always loved Kathryn, but tonight solidified my devotion to her.  I flipping LOVE her.  The lyrical with Jakob?  And then to kill it in hip hop with Russell?  Pure amazingness.  I do have to say I miss Mollee and Legacy, but like Nigel says, Russell points his toes!  Did I mention I love Russell?  Well I do.  My pick for the finals would have to be Kathryn and Russell, all the way!

The story of SYTYCD and Natalie,
I've loved so you think you can dance since watching it with Breck while she was up at BYU.  She had tivo, and we watched the dance 'fuego' by pitbull over and over and over again.  Reed, Kelsey and I even used to do the puppet dolls and booty shakes with each other from it when fuego came on at dance parties.  (When I say booty shakes, I mean Kels would shake her booty while I did the guy part/motions around it).  When this last summer season came on, I would watch it every night with Tanner, Nate and Aubry, and Ashley Valerio was even MVT alum!  (Stupid Kupono dragged her down)  And this season, though I haven't been faithful at all,  catching glimpses of it here there is worth every second.  Who can get over the beautiful Cat Deely and all of her amazing dresses, hair styles, shoes, and those fab legs?  And even though the 'jidges' can get annoying- Mary (though it's toned down a bit and I love it now), talk to much- Adam, or be super creepy-Nigel (Jeanine body obsession?), you gotta love 'em.  Did I mention my cousin Brynlee is an amazing dancer?  Captain of the BYU Cougarettes?  My grandma never fails to remember, it's the first thing that flys out of her mouth to everyone she meets.  Well anyway, I can't wait for the day Brynlee trys out.  She truly is better than most the dancers on the show, no joke.  Please note I have no dancing ability at all, and no right to critique or judge any one of these dancers, but nevertheless...  I'm in love.
And that is the story of Natalie and SYTYCD.

P.S. Guess who sprained her ankle, again, today?  Me.  Whenever I get back into running, or in a good place where I can commit to my goals, without fail, I sprain it, without fail.  This is my left ankles, what 4th time?  And i've sprained my right 5?  Wow.  Feaking Wow.  Dang you bleachers.  HATTEEEE ITTTT. Why me? After I ran eight miles yesterday, why'd you go and fail me?  Why'd you punish my good intentions for evil idleness and RICE.  Screw RICE, I need to run!
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