Dear Ariana Grande

So I've never really been a youtubie, but I just wasted wisely spent 2 hours. Anyway, I discovered Ariana Grande, and she is AMAZING.  This video proves it- heck she's singing the lyrics off her iphone (fyi, dont really care about the guy, focus on Ariana, it's not hard I assure you).  And in the Christmas spirit, I give you my girl Ariana.
Shall I explain how I got here? I shall.  So I was doing some blog stalking, got on a friends of a friends of a friends and ended up on a clever blogger's whom I do not know at all. She posted about this lovely girl Miranda Speaks.  Youtube it.  My initial reaction was just "oh okay, 'nother funny youtube person, no biggie". Might I add her explaining how to hail a cab (about 1:30 on her NYC video) is great.  But then I come to find out she is a real singer, just spoofing off of the freakazoid youtubers of the world. Colleen Ballinger.  And then when I watched her live performances, and then her performances as Miranda make Miranda so so much funnier. Anywayysss. (Classic Miranda, which also happens to be my peeve- anyways isn't a word, anyway is) Anyway... She sings as Colleen, with this girl Ariana Grande.  Ariana's voice blew me away.  And then in another video Miranda gave Ariana a voice lesson, pure hilarity.  But then, I became hooked on Ariana.  Thought this girl was some broadway 20 somethin chicky. NOT.  She's freakin 15!  Tiny, gorgeous, and a blessed with a BEAUTIFUL, flawless, powerful voice.  A siren. Come to find out, she's been a part of the broaway musical 13, and people have started to take notice, guess she's doing stuff on nickelodeon or something or other?  Well I love her.  Girl Crush=Ariana Grande.
Oh and she's at the Fantastic Mr. Fox premiere here^ can she get any better?!  What the cuss?